Sunday, 16 September 2012

Anargya अनर्घ्य Suryo Prayogo

delivered by C-Section, time: 22:41, Weight : 2510 gr Length: 46cm
Anargya in sanskrit means priceless, Suryo in Javanese means sunshine, Prayogo is the last name.

matahariku. seluruh nafasku. selamat datang di dunia, nak!

Friday, 31 August 2012

♥ Expecting our Dragon Baby ♥

with -not so little- help from my amazing friends :) HUGE thank youu!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

about being pregnant (the 1st trimester)

Being pregnant is confusing.

Odd cravings in pregnancy in my humble opinion are not the big desire to eat everything without reason. We have reasons. Really.
Pregnant women visualizing and imagining certain foods or flavors that taste ok to swallow and not triggering nausea or vomiting, and it changing all the time, depending on the urge of vomiting, or the nausea.
Too much vomiting makes your mouth goes bitter, uncomfortable throat, and excess acid production on the stomach. To avoid all that stuff you need to consume some light food frequently. That’s too, avoiding gastritis.  
I tend to wanting food which when vomited, still taste good, or the texture won’t hurt my throat.
Nausea or vomiting in pregnancy is a little silly.  When I hold the urge of vomiting for too long, it will bring an extreme uncomfortable day, helpless feeling, and there is nothing better than lying in bed the whole day. Vomiting : extreme contraction on the stomach and sore throat.
The smell. The flavor. The visual. I hate vomiting to my bone! And I suddenly hate the smell of the toilet. My sensitivity to smells increased 1000x.
But when I let it go, I vomited all my food when I feel the urge, after the ‘torture’ everything feels right, and beautiful. It’s a very tough choice. To vomit or not to vomit. Strange, right?
I actually am spending every morning (and afternoon and evening) hovering over the toilet.
I remember, that passé on my life, the cheers and beers era. When you’re too drunk, your heads spinning, your eyes wide shut, no balance, and gravitation, your head upon your puke, and your –sometimes- not too conscious mind tells you: this is the last boozes I ever take. Ever. Again. And then you black out. And the next day the nightmare of boozes overload is over. A little hang over is fine to handle. But the spinning head and lack of control is no longer appearing. But then again, it goes round and rounds again, next week, or the day after, over and over again.
Well, pregnancies, more or less like that. Like having boozes overload, too drunk, nauseous, queasy, and there is always some time to throw it all up, um, minus the euphoria and the burst of laughter of course. And it goes round and rounds over and over again. It’s not stopped after you fall asleep, or when the night is over. You will feel it again, when you wake up the next morning, everyday, for the first trimester.
Even every woman and pregnancy is different, maybe you’ll be experiencing what I just wrote about, the drunken and queasiness, or not at all, if you’re lucky.
So, love your mom, love your wife, boys! You’ll never know. You’ll never know how it feels.

Having the part of your husband in your body is too transcendental. Amazing. Subbhannallah.
and take your time to watch this video, i dont know is it the pregnancy hormones that makes me wept like a baby. Subbhanallah!
to be continued..